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Organization: CIO and business demand management

In the Netherlands business is represented by a demand function. The demand function is part of business and its responsibility is to ensure that information and IT optimally contribute to business success:

  1. The demand function must know which information and IT is needed for business.
  2. The demand function makes agreements with suppliers, such as internal IT,  that ensure that these suppliers deliver the information and IT that is is needed.
  3. The demand function makes sure that business actually gets the information and IT that is needed.

This requires specific skills (knowing and understanding the business and nowing and understanding the possibilities of IT) and therefor this is in the Netherlands a specific team. This demand team must deliver just as “on demand” as supply needs to do. Demand on demand compares this  team to an soccer team and describes the roles and the cooperation in such a team.

If I were a CIO 

I enjoy going to work. The main problem that I encounter is that the days aren’t long enough. And – like so many other IT managers – I would like to become a CIO for once, in order to tackle some matters on my own way. If I were a CIO

 How insecure is secure?

Companies are becoming more and more complex. The dynamics in and around the organization only increase. This makes it nearly impossible to keep track of our business. Our overview decreases and parallel to this our insight and control. This makes us all increasingly insecure. The security of insecurity often is bigger than the security of security.

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